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General Products

Al Tazar General Trading LLC has vast experience in the field of general products sourcing across the globe. We believe in benefiting consumers in the most natural way with strong quality control to provide the best quality. Thanks to a policy of continuous diversified growth and expansion, today we have a product range that includes a selection of some of the best brands in the world. We have direct buying from the factory; arrange goods as per client requirements, strong logistics support and obviously the best prices in the market. We uphold the highest standards to work as a team and to meet the needs of our customers. We are indeed proud of our customers and their confidence in us.

We deal in the following major category:

Hospital Equipment & Accessories : We can supply Medical Equipment, Hospital Furniture and Instruments. Apart from quality product, we are also reputed for prompt delivery, buyers' friendly policies, and the team which includes some of the most experienced business and technology professionals.  We can procure items such as hospital furnitures, medical disposables, diagnostic equipments, autoclave, sterilizers, laboratory products, height and weight scales, medical rubber goods, scrubs and linens, blood collection tubes, bandages, surgical tape, gauze pads, cast protectors etc.

FMCG Items : We can source a variety of FMCG products at competitive prices. Products are procured both locally and overseas for trading companies who in turn supply to super market chains in the GCC. Categories of products we cater to are as follows:
Personal Cleansing Products: Bar Soaps, Gels, Liquid Soaps and Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners.
Hygiene Products: Cotton pads & Buds, Sponges, Wet wipes
Laundry Detergents and Laundry Aids: Liquids, Gels, Sticks, Sprays, Pumps, Sheets and Bars
Dishwashing Products: Detergents for hand and Machine Dishwashing, Rinse Agents, Film Removers, Lime and Rust Removers
Household Cleaners: All-purpose Cleaners, Abrasive Cleaners, Glass and multi-surface cleaners, Tub Tile and Sink Cleaners, Metal Cleaners, Oven Cleaners, Rug Shampoo and Upholstery Cleaners.

Electronics Items : We can source you wide range of electronic items on very competitive including LCD, LED, OLED Televisions, Digital Cameras, Gaming, Tablet PC, Notebooks, Monitors etc. We also exports to ASEAN, Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa. Our Hot Selling Branded Consumer Electronics includes Mobile Phones, Televisions, LCD's, Home Theaters, Digital Cameras, Watches, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners and many more. Our Top Brands includes Panasonic, Sony, LG, Samsung, Sony and others.

Tools : We can source you all types of tools from China at a very competitive pricing including Electrical tools, knives and scissors, crimping tools, strippers, punch down tool, screw drives & alignment tools, hex key wrenches, socket wrenches, tool cases, power tools, magnifies, and other miscellaneous tools.

Other Products : We can procure Leather Goods, Office Supplies, Perfume Bottles, Safety Items, Stainless Steel, Decorative Items, Hardware Items, Pipe Fittings, Sports Goods etc. on the demand from the customers as per their specification and requirements.





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